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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Individual Judge Marks are There!

Hi everyone. Please fret no longer - the individual judge marks are there - just click on the (+) beside the rider's name and the marks for him or her will expand. And I know you are all dying to see the marks from the freestyle tonight. They are at:

Pay extra close attention to Isabell's marks and Steffen's. I'll be saying lots about that and more judging shenanigans tomorrow.


Lori said...

Where can I find a description of what each individual mark is for on the freestyle individual scores (movement 1 through 21)?

Thanks for your help and the blog.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I totally don't get it. How can someone who has a horse that nearly bucks and runs backwards instead of doing the piaffe, possibly get 5's & 6's??? Seems to me that the movement wasn't even done! And then 8's for Harmony with the horse??? Hmmm.
Yvonne from Kamloops
PS Karen, have totally been enjoying your blog - look forward to it each morning.

Lori said...

OK, for anyone else who was looking, I found the description for the marks at:

Anonymous said...

According to the results, they have Steffan as 3rd and Heike 4th. Interesting.