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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Greetings from the flight to Hong Kong!

As we took off from YVR it seemed weird to fly due west from Vancouver – I’ve never done that before. It’s 14 hours of flapping and we will almost keep up with the sun; when we arrive in Hong Kong at 7 pm (tomorrow, having lost a day to the clock) the sun will have just gone down.

Compliments of the Hong Kong Olympic organizers, I’m flying in that treasured part of the aircraft with enough leg room to swing a cat. Also on this flight is Spruce Meadows’ broadcast media man, Ian Allison. My ticket cost the kind folks of Hong Kong enough to fund my entire Olympic trip two times over, but I’m doing my best not to think about that as I choose the smoked salmon appetizer and ask for the Pinot Gris. Just like Hong Kong, I guess Biz Class is one of those things that should be done once in a lifetime at the very least.

I’m going to Hong Kong to tour the facilities of the most controversial Olympics of the recent past, and I’m looking forward to it. Some one told me that Hong Kongers really know how to stage an event, even at short notice. Heat and possible typhoons aside, all the reports so far suggest this will be a fantastic event, and with equestrian a stand-alone in Hong Kong, will more closely resemble a WEG in terms of atmosphere.

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