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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hong Kong: First Impression

This place is even more crazy and urban than imagination would allow me to expect. One thing that struck me the first night was that many of these skyscrapers crowded together outside my 14th floor window were in almost complete darkness. It is a contrast to North American cities, where city lights never seem to go out, at least in the downtown core. I asked our main tour guide Bob Howlett about it and he replied that many of the buildings are apartments and people economize on energy costs. He then told me that when they were filming the newest Batman movie here, people were asked to keep their lights on at night during the film shoot to make the skyline more spectacular. The general response was "you pay for it, and we will do it.” The food so far is outstanding. In the block around the hotel are more restaurants than in all of the Dunbar neighbourhood in Vancouver where I live.

More tomorrow from the venue!

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